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Truckers of the world:

Du gå'kke aleine
Unlimited parking space! :-)
Unfortunately for english speaking people, a lot of my stuff is in norwegian. So if you want it all, please try the

Opened 14. April 1996.
Last update: 7.11. 2000.

This week I'm in Italy, having a great experiance with Gastaldi Truck Service.

This TruckStop is administrated from Norway, and the English site will not be updated very often. The Truckers Corner is the best room for english guests.

As a truck driver for more than twenty years, I know how it feels to visit to a decent Truck Stop.
A place were you feel welcome, a place that carry YOUR favorit dishes, a place were you can feel at home....
May be this Truck Stop can be a place like that...?


...Main attraction for April:
Humla som ikke kunne fly.

Truckers Corner
Transport from A till Å.
Music Hall
From Henrix to Emylou - via ZZ Top.
Historier fra Motorveien
My own stories from the highway.
News Room
Newspapaerarticles on drivers and transport
Food for the brain.
Debatt Corner
Drivers own forum.
Newbies Corner
How to drive on the digital motorway.
The Bar
You know....
Drivers scanned articles.
The Private Rom
Family, me and my ladies...
Cleaning boys corner
Sven and his hobbies.
The Guestbook
Greetings from far and near.

We also have a FOOTBALLFIELD and SPECIAL parkering for ITALIEN and AUSTRIAN customs and GERMAN campers. Do you need a doctor?


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Fanx for your visit. Drive carefully! Welcome back!

This site is awarded the best web-page in southern Norway 1998. Sørlandets beste Web-side.