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Since a lot of visitors are international, and the instuctions are in norwegian, here is a translation:

Skriv i gjesteboka til Geir Sundet - "Write in Geir Sundets Guestbook"
Navn : "Name"
E-post adresse : "E-mail adress"
Hjemmeside (URL): "Homepage (URL)"
Hvis du har et bilde av deg selv på nettet kan du angi referanse under. "If you've got a picture of yourself on the net you can give the referances here"
Bilde (URL): "Picture (URL)
Inside the big box the text reads:
Skriv din hilsen her (HTML-koding kan brukes). "Write your message her. (HTML - tagging is possible)"
Fjern disse 2 linjer først. "Remove these 2 lines first".

Easy, isn't it? You can do it! At least if your a trucker!

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